Expect Quality and Consistency.

Paradise Kitchens provides restaurants, cash ‘n carry stores, and in-store delis throughout the country with a variety of breaded and unbreaded, ready-to-cook, and fully cooked chicken products that are exceptional in both quality and flavor. Our white-meat chicken is hormone-free, contains no MSG, and is regularly tested to meet all USDA standards. But safety and quality is just the beginning.

Our time-tested, proven partners are committed to maintaining consistency in size, texture, taste and appearance. At Paradise Kitchens, we understand that flavor is essential. That’s why our products are always prepared using the perfect blend of premium ingredients and culinary creativity. We understand your reputation with your customers is paramount, so we only supply chicken we’d be proud to serve to our own families. And due to our considerable buying power, we can price our quality products in a way that benefits your bottom line. 

Paradise Kitchens is best known for our delicious chicken tenders, but we proudly offer a full line of chicken products that include breaded and unbreaded, ready-to-cook and fully cooked filets, chunks, wings, and tenderloins. Please view or download our information sheet to learn more.