Experience Unmatched Reliability.

The team at Paradise Kitchens understands that the key to delivering outstanding products is focusing on quality from the very beginning, then expertly managing the entire process.

We start by responsibly sourcing our chicken from family-owned farms. From there, we turn to our trusted and proven processing partners. They create everything from our tenders to filets, paying special attention to consistent sizing and breading as well as flavorful spicing. The final step is getting these delicious products to you in a reliable, timely manner that allows you to make your turns as efficiently as possible. We do this by utilizing the same high-powered logistics network that has supported Eastern Quality Foods for more than 60 years. Paradise Kitchens’ ability to manage inventory and handle storage, combined with an expansive transportation system, means you can count on a minimum amount of lead time and maximum fill rates no matter where you’re located nationwide.