Paradise Kitchens

Specializing in Poultry and Customer Service

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Paradise Kitchens provides a wide variety of high-quality chicken products to foodservice companies, cash ‘n carry stores, restaurants, and in-store delis throughout the United States. From the farm, to processing, to delivery – our proven network of suppliers, manufacturers, and logistics partners expertly manage every step of the process. Let Paradise Kitchens provide you and your customers with exceptional food and superior service.

Why Choose Us

  • Consistent high-quality chicken products 
  • Competitive prices based on strong buying power
    and efficiently managed overhead
  • Reliable distribution to every corner of the country
  • Unmatched personalized customer service


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Quality Products

You can count on our family-owned company to supply safe, delicious chicken products prepared with flavorful ingredients that you’ll be proud to provide to your customers.


Our hand-selected poultry sources, time-tested processing partners and dependable distribution channels make the entire process worry-free and economical for you.

Our Team

Customer satisfaction is about more than high-quality products, it’s also about communication. That’s why we blend strong buying power with personalized customer service.


Count on us for quality and integrity.